Hello My Friend.

Our Purpose

To support and create projects that promote dignity, self esteem and provide a sense of worth within the refugee community.

To challenge the stereotyping of refugees.

Our Approach

We work alongside refugees, volunteers and locals to ensure that the initiatives we engage with are needed and can be delivered in a reliable and effective way.
We work within the boundaries of Europe and within a network of established and trusted people.

Our Rationale

After taking the time to understand the situation ‘on the ground ‘ and in speaking with many refugee and volunteer friends we believe a change in approach is needed. We believe that what is needed now is a solution that goes beyond the cycle of dependency and towards one that enhances resilience and rebuilds independence and choice.

We see that a part of this solution can be accomplished through activities that offer a level of normality and counteract growing levels of self harm and depression. More specifically, activities such as lessons, excursions AND sports that provide opportunities to develop new skills and offer a chance to grow rather than stagnate.

We want to empower refugees who are attempting to be proactive by supporting their initiatives and aid requests as best we can.